Motorcycle Insurance

Explaining Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle or a similar wheeled vehicle such as a choppers, fast street bike, crotch rocket, moped, or even a Segway, you need to buy a special type of vehicle policy called motorcycle insurance.

A standard insurance policy for motorcycles will cover at least some of the costs of repair damage to your bike as well as compensation to individuals if you cause damage to their property or injure them in an accident. A standard policy will also cover legal fees if you are at fault in an accident and works in much the same way that standard vehicle insurance policies do.

Policies for motorcycles may be customized in many different ways. You may elect to purchase a policy that gives you the full replacement cost of your bike if it is totaled in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers theft of your bike, an important consideration as motorcycles are more easily stolen than cars. It will also pay for loss or damage due from animals, hail or other forms of severe weather.

Some bike riders also elect to get the following specialized coverage:

Personal Injury Protection that covers physical therapy, psychiatric visits and other medical costs if you are injured in an accident, regardless of who is at fault

Trip Interruption, which covers food, lodging and alternate transportation if your bike breaks down when you are away from home

Accessory and Custom Equipment Coverage, which provides protection for loss or damage to gear such as transport trailers, sidecars, custom exhaust equipment and safety apparel

The amount of insurance you need depends on the type of motorcycle or similar bike you own and how you plan to use it. Racing bikes and crotch rockets are generally more expensive to insure. Bikes with high horsepower-to-weight ratios also have a greater risk of causing serious injury and are more costly to insure.