Life Insurance

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A comprehensive guide to life insurance

Life insurance policy can help you greatly in saving for future goals and protecting your family. It’s vital to do some background searches to understand the available options and get the best-value package that corresponds well with your lifestyle.

Purposes of signing up for a life cover

You need to determine what kind of life coverage you are signing up for. Here are some of the benefits of this cover:

Children- a payout from a life insurance policy can help your children provide for themselves when they can no longer depend on your income.

A new home – the insurance policy will come in handy in paying for home’s mortgage after your death.

Leaving a legacy – the policy will leave a savings legacy in terms of inheritance for your surviving relatives when you pass on.

Funeral costs – a good policy can provide your family with some lump sum amount of money to provide your relatives with money for covering the funeral costs.

How much cover do you need?

A bigger protection policy will demand that you pay higher premiums than in a small cover. You can use your agent’s or insurance company’s policy calculator to calculate the amount of cover you should take out and how you will be paying premiums. Figuring out these technicalities is pretty much easier when using the insurance policy calculator. In other words, you ought to decide which of the aforementioned options of coverage or savings you intend to make before discussing with your insurance agent about how to go about it. You can choose to get a cover for mortgaging a new home, leaving an inheritance, or a regular income for your family member or a cover for your funeral costs.

How long should the policy last?

This policy can either last for a specific period is fixed or for the rest of your life. Term insurance that often lasts for 25 years is suitable for a mortgage or financial safety net for your surviving relatives. However, if you live longer than the term of the policy, you won’t get a payout. Whole-of-life-insurance is the best fit for people who intend to provide an inheritance to surviving relatives after demise. Remember, the premiums tend to reduce as you continue paying, unlike the case with level term insurance.