Accident Insurance

Your Best Option for Voluntary Benefits


Accident insurance is a type of voluntary benefit that many organizations offer their employees. You’ll pay 100% of the premium for coverage, but it is low-cost compared to other options. You can tailor the coverage types and amounts for you and your family members. In most cases your coverage is portable. So, you’ll be able to continue coverage after retirement or if you go to another employer.


The coverage kicks in when you need more than the basic coverage provided by your primary healthcare plan. It allows you to pay for a variety of out-of-pocket expenses, like copays and deductibles, which may arise from diagnosis and treatment of an accident, injury, or illness. You can also use the benefits to pay for other expenses such as

• transportation to and from therapy and medical appointments

• lodging for you or family members if you are injured or seeking treatment away from home

• nutritional supplements and medical devices not covered by your prescription drug plan

• household expenses like bills, food, gasoline, and childcare


It pays for covered incidents whether you’re on- or off the job. That means you’re equally covered at home, at work, or at play.

Benefits are paid directly to you. That means you can use your benefits to pay for non-medical expenses that arise because of your accident or injuries.

You won’t need to take a medical exam to qualify or worry about pre-existing conditions. That means you’re covered, without limitations, regardless of your health.

Coverage begins immediately, as soon as you sign up. Claims are processed and paid quickly. That means that your time is spent getting well faster.


An unexpected accident or injury can take a toll on your finances. Adding accident insurance to your employee benefits plan helps protect your savings, deal with gaps in other coverage, and manage day-to-day expenses if you’re temporarily unable to work.