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Helping Seattle Families in Financial Crisis

More than 800,000 people in Washington are living in poverty, and one out of every seven children in our state is struggling with food insecurity or homelessness. In addition, Washington State ranks near the bottom of the list in both employment and high school graduation rates, creating a cycle of poverty that affects more and more families in our community.

Ambassadors for Local Families in Need

We are proud to announce that the Bill Gowin Insurance Agency is now a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange support network, and we are launching a relief campaign to assist families in the Seattle area struggling with the effects of poverty. We will be working in support of several local food provision programs, providing direct assistance to families dealing with overwhelming financial challenges, and encouraging children in our local community to finish their education.

There are thousands in our area that need help, and we need your assistance to reach them.

Join Our Campaign!

To join our campaign, all you have to do is give us the opportunity to share our message with other families in the area. By inviting one of your friends or family members to visit the Bill Gowin Insurance Agency, you’ll give us a chance to share information with them about this campaign. We will also offer them a free insurance consultation, and then we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local charitable effort or program that provides support to underprivileged families in our area.

Be Part of the Team

This campaign is the perfect way for you to make a positive, lasting difference in the Seattle community. We hope you decide to be part of our team.


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Bill Gowin Insurance Agency

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We would like to thank everyone who recommended! Together, we raised $500 for Kiley’s family!  As #AgentsOfChange in our community, our agency will donate $20 on your behalf to help a family in need during the holiday season. Kiley a young teen from a local high school, was in a tragic car accident that killed […]

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Bill Gowin Insurance Agency has embarked on a mission to contribute to the community by raising awareness and funds to help provide meals for children and their families in need. In the 2015-16 school year Backpacks of Hope, a program started by Hope Creek Charitable Foundation, served 120 families weekly from local schools in the […]